How Luxury Hotels Receive a 5-Star Service Rating

There are numerous things that might define a 5-star hotel, and people are not always aware of the nitty-gritty details and criteria.

The best hoteliers in the business need to anticipate guests’ needs. Hotels only fulfil the criteria of a 5-star service if they meet all the expectations.

Services at a prestigious hotel need to be consistently flawless throughout a customer’s stay at the establishment. Wealthy or frequent guests will expect to have the option of checking in before their arrival. There must always be seamless communication between the customer and hotel staff. Customers should have their preferences settled before arrival.

Concierge staff needs to be on call for at least 16 hours a day. Door services are especially important for in-door dining and valet parking. Staff members should have expert communication skills, as wealthy customers will feel more ‘’at home’’ if they communicate effectively with staff. The option of texting or calling staff should always be available.

The reception area needs to be available 24/7 to cater to emergencies. There should also be a medical and security team to deal with issues around the clock. On the other hand, guests should also have their own privacy throughout their stay. Guests should only be disturbed if it is of utmost importance or if it was pre-arranged.

Every room should have enough space to accommodate luggage and valuable items if necessary. Rooms should receive daily housekeeping services to make sure that linens and towels are replaced or cleaned. Additional services like ironing, laundry, dry cleaning, and shoe shining should also be available on request.

The guest rooms themselves have a range of criteria to be eligible for a 5-star rating. Items that every room can have may include laundry bags, robes, full-length mirrors, stocked mini-bars, Wi-Fi, TV, outlets for personal electronics, and an electric safe for valuables.

A 5-star bathroom will also be stocked with extra toiletries and essentials like toilet paper, hand soap, shampoo, conditioner, and creams. Luxury rooms should be furnished in quality materials that offer guests optimal comfort.

Hotels around the world aspire to five-star quality, and there may still be many more advances in the standards of luxury. Follow this channel to learn about the interesting origins of luxury hotels.






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